Ophthalmoscopic luminaire CR

Ophthalmoskopie-Leuchte CR



Universally expandable

Modern LED technology




For the indirect observation of the fundus with a magnifying glass, ophthalmoscopy light CR produces a homogeneously illuminated light area.
This light spot is continuously variable by an irisshutter.

  • Spot size is variable depending on the working distance (4-6 cm)
  • The iris decreases continuously up to 1 cm
  • Two gap widths adjustable
  • Two light brightnesses
  • red-free and blue filters


Easy to handle

Instrument without accessories 300g
Instrument with cable and transformer 500g


Power supply:
230 V, 50 Hz

Just "switch over“

woman with check&review

After assemly and software routine check&review will be prepared for every lighting situation. In a short time, default settings („full eye“, „slit“ or e.g. „fluorescence“) can be used an switched with the buttons in software to reproduce great images.


To accent the depth of field a full usable iris shutter is included.

Our mission: simplify the work flow and generate time between optican and patient.

Easy mounting on SL115

check&review camera & the Carl Zeiss SL115

Remove the ocular, mount the camera system, replace the optics and start to work.


Mounting on slit lamp included yellow filter.


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Camera & software on SL 115

check&review camera for the Carl Zeiss SL115

This check&review camera system is designed and engineered on ZEISS SL115 slit lamps with a full integrated digital camera system.


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Perfectly integrated

Woman on laptop

The digital image and video documentation at the slit lamp is the basis for a comprehensive progress monitoring and illustrated diagnoses, especially for the patient and allows a professional basis for discussion, particularly for intensive cases with eye irregularities or medical characteristics or testing of seat behavior of contact lenses.

The intuitive operating concept and the selected camera parameters you get razor sharp images and videos with the lowest possible cost.

camera & software and the SL120

camera & software and the SL120

Remove the ocular, mount the camera system, replace the optics and start to work.
Different mounting for yellow filter or without.
The check&review camera delivers crystal clear images with high light sensitivity.

An excellent user experience explains itself

Woman lifts hand

Based on the lines of the slit lamp, the video system is perfectly integrated into the beam path of the SL 130.


Set to the different patient management systems check&review has individual configuration options in software to work with different kind of patient data base.

Easy mounting on the SL130

Zeiss SL130 mit der check&review Kamera

Removing ocular, mounting check&review camera and reattaching ocular.


In using a yellow filter the camera system will be mounted between filter and oculars.


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Video recording of fluorescence

Tearing of the lachrymal film

History of the lachrymal film

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Camera and software for the SL 220

Camera and software for the SL 220

A new dimension!

Newly, also 3D images and videos are possible with the great image quality of check & review. The camera is attached behind the eyepiece, the software is installed or updated and there you go!

We successfully tested the camera and software on the SL220.

focus instantly

check & review on Haag Streit BQ900

Your sophisticated microscopy at the Haag Streit BQ900 receives with check&review the possibility of including the high resolution images and videos in the same quality.


Watch live on the monitor the faithful recordings
and see for yourself. sharp images at varying magnification.


The check&review camera we have color-matched to the BQ900 and optimizes check&review software on the ease of use.