check & review on slit lamp SL115

Just "switch over“

woman with check&review

After assemly and software routine check&review will be prepared for every lighting situation. In a short time, default settings („full eye“, „slit“ or e.g. „fluorescence“) can be used an switched with the buttons in software to reproduce great images.


To accent the depth of field a full usable iris shutter is included.

Our mission: simplify the work flow and generate time between optican and patient.

Easy mounting on SL115

check&review camera & the Carl Zeiss SL115

Remove the ocular, mount the camera system, replace the optics and start to work.


Mounting on slit lamp included yellow filter.


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Camera & software on SL 115

check&review camera for the Carl Zeiss SL115

This check&review camera system is designed and engineered on ZEISS SL115 slit lamps with a full integrated digital camera system.


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